Your First Event

An Empty List

When you first click your Recent Drafts or List buttons from the main sidebar, you will be met with an empty Event List. Don’t fret, we’ll change this by creating a very simple event. Note: You can also click the Create a Sample Draft for Me button to have the system generate a test event for you. Empty List

Host a Movie Night

Let’s walk through creating a basic event with a single ticket. Here we go!

  1. Click Create Event from the left sidebar
    • You will see a simple form that looks quite bare.
    • Here we can add the Main Event title and description (and optionally set a category). Create Event
  2. Since we are hosting a movie night, we will set the title as “Movie Night”
  3. Add in a quick description for the event
  4. You should now see some more details available New Event Details
    • These new details allow you to:
      • Set the date and time.
      • Change the timezone where the event is held
      • Configure the Main Event to have sub events.
      • Set a location to display on the public event landing page
  5. We only care about the date and time for our our event so when you click that field, you will see a popup that lets you set the details for this event
    • Events can span multiple days, but ours is going to be a single day, 3 hour event.
    • Don’t forget to hit the Apply Button to set your date and times. Create Event


In Count Me In - Events, every seat you want to fill will be represented by a Ticket. People will register tickets (whether paid or free). If you you have unlimited seating or don’t care about capacity for your event, you still need to define at least one ticket for your event.

Tickets determine a couple of criteria for your event(s):

  • How much the registration costs
  • How many registrations can occur

We will create a single ticket for our event titled Movie Night Ticket (Creative, right?). Since we only have room for 50 chairs in our hall, we will set the QTY to 50. This will stop sales for Movie Night Ticket when the registered number of tickets reaches 50. There are more options available for tickets such as Description, Availability Dates, sort order and more. We will move forward with the default settings for now. We can proceed to the next section tab, titled Registration.

My First Ticket

Wait, what about Add-ons?

Add-ons are optional items that you can have people register for (and buy, if a price is set) like T-Shirts or event merchandise. They behave and are set up the same way as tickets. The only difference is that they do not they do not affect event registration or capacity in any way.

Registration Fields

So let’s say we want to collect a first name and last name for every ticket that is sold. We will need to set Individual Registration (per ticket) toggled on. This will display two lists of fields.

  • Favorites (with Field Builder)
    • This is a list of pre-populated fields that can be pulled from.
    • You can also use the Field Builder to add fields to this list.
  • Selected Fields
    • This list is what is currently selected for the event.

To change or add fields, we can simply drag and drop them from the left column to the right column. They can also be re-ordered by dragging.

Create Event

That’s enough to get us the information we need to verify when people show up to our movie night. Let’s move on to the Event Landing Page.

For more information, please see our full section titled: Creating Registration Fields


This section lets us determine what our Event Landing Page will look like.

There are two main sections to an Event Page:

  • Header section
    • Header content appears above body content in a section that spans the width of the page. Think of it as the banner across the top. It can contain images, styled text and other content.
  • Body Section
    • Body content appears below Header content (if present) and is the main area of content of your page. It can also contain images, styled text and other content.

Both the page background and header background can be defined as either a solid color or a full-coverage image. Customize Event Page

Page Edits

Most of these options are just that, they’re optional. So we can define this section however we want. For example, we are not using the body section at all for this event.

We will make some simple edits…

  1. Let’s click the Header Background to upload a header background image.
  2. We select our “Theater Image” from our hard drive (this uploads it for use) .
  3. Next we add {{startDate}} to the header text editor after the text that is already present.
    • This is a Template Tag and can be read about by clicking the Help button in the teal menu bars, but basically it will add our event start date/time to the text without us having to type it.
  4. We’ll change the color of this text by clicking the icon on the far right of the editor that changes the color of the font.

So to recap: We uploaded an image of a classy-looking theater for our Header Background and changed the Header Section text in the editor below to reflect the simple imformation we need to get across.

After changing anything in the Customize screen, we can click any of the Preview Buttons in the teal menu bars and be taken to a preview sample of our Landing Page. Event Page Preview

For more information, please see our full section titled: Customizing Your Event Page

Launch (Publishing)

This section will show us a summary of how we have defined our event and will let us define how notifications and receipts are handled.

And maybe most importantly, this is where we Publish our event!

There are two main sections:

  • Review
    • This section lets you see a summary of your event structure and details Launch Summary
  • Emailing & Notifications
    • This section will determine how emails are sent for your event Event Email Setup

We just need to make a couple modifications to the Emailing & Notifications section:

  1. Let’s set an Administrator Notification email so we get notified when someone registers.
  2. We will also set some special instructions down below that will show up on the attendee’s email. This will help them to know where to go and what to bring.

That’s all we need! We are ready to go live.

We can click the Publish Event! Button in the top right!

The Live Event URL is the address we will want to publish or link to from our site. This link could also be emailed out via a mailing list.