Event Payments

Creating Free Events

If you’re not taking payments for your Event, you may ignore this setup step. There is nothing extra to configure for a Free Event. You simply do not set a price on the Event Ticket. Proceed to setting up an Event!

Creating Paid Events

Count Me In - Events can help you accept payments for your Event Ticket sales. This can be done using the following payment gateways:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal - Coming Soon…

Setting Up Stripe Payment Integration

Finding and Using Stripe API Keys
  1. First you will need to create a Stripe Account
    • Click the Create account buttonon the stripe home page
    • Choose a name and password for your Stripe account
    • Your Stripe account will start in Test Mode, no actual charges will take place for you until you click the Activate Account button from the left main Stripe account menu
  2. From the left Stripe Menu, Click API (it’s towards the bottom)

    • You will see four fields with long strings of text. These are your API Keys that let Count Me In communicate with Stripe
    • Note: There are two for testing (Test Secret Key & Test Publishable Key) with that will allow you to take fake payments, to check that everything is working. See screenshot below.

    Api keys

  3. Leave this page open and navigate back to the Count Me In browser tab that you have open

    1. Click your user menu in the top right
    2. Select Integrations and you should see the screen below
    3. Click the Gateway dropdown under the Event Payments Tab and select Stripe as your payment gateway Stripe Integration
    4. You should see two fields here waiting to be filled with your *Stripe API Keys (Secret Key & Publishable Key)
      • You may now copy the keys from your Stripe browser page into the corresponding fields
      • You should see a green saved message pop up in the corner when you change each field
    5. Once that is done, you are ready to test a paid registration
    6. But first, you probably need to set up an Event!

As we mentioned earlier, While in Test Mode, Your account will not actually charge anyone’s card. Charges will show up in your dashboard as test data. When you are ready to go live and have made sure your event works, simply replace these keys with the ones that say “Live” next to them. You will also need to set your Stripe Account to Active by clicking Activate Account from your left menu.