Go Live

This page will show you:

  • How to publish your Count Me In Event
  • How to share your Event with others
Some changes cannot be made to your Event while it is Live.

You’re always able to unpublish your Event if you need to make specific changes, though it will be inaccessible to registrants until you make it Live again.

Publishing Your Event

When you are ready to “go live” with your event, click the Publish Event button.

making an event live

This will change your event status from Draft to Live. You will also be provided with an Event URL (see next screenshot) that will link to your event web page.

Use this link on your website, in an email invitation or on social media to invite people to sign up for your event.

Event url

To change your event url to something other than the default title of your event, read more here

Show Your Event in an Event List Widget

You can also let potential attendees know of your Event by using an Embedded Widget in your website.

View instructions on how to set that up here.