Event Email Configuration

Changing Reply-to

Under the General Settings section, enter the reply to address that should be used if someone reply’s to an order notification email.

Reply-to address for event order receipts

Under the Orders section, you may preview the receipt that will be sent to each attendee. Click or tap on the Preview Receipt button.

Changing Admin Notifications

If you would like an administrator to receive email notifications when folks sign up for your event, enter their email address under Administrator Notification. You may view that email by clicking/tapping on Preview Admin Notifier.

Admin notification emails

Attendee Event Reminder Emails

In the Reminder section, you may turn reminders on or off. You may also indicate the number of days prior to the event start that you’d like to send a reminder.

Toggling event reminder emails

Special Event Instructions

Under Email Customization, you may enter any special event instructions. These will be displayed in the lower section of the order confirmation email to each attendee.

Adding special event instructions to your email