Defining Registration

Defining the Registration Page

If you would like to capture information about each person that will be attending your event, click/tap on the registration tab.

Define registration

Enable Per Ticket Registration

Turn on the Individual Registration (per ticket) by clicking the slider to the right. If you do not need to know the names of each person attending your event, (e.g. you are just selling tickets) you do not need to do anything on this tab.

Define registration - turn on per ticket registration

Once you’ve selected Individual Registration, you will see two tabs on the left: Favorites and Field Builder. On the Favorites tab we have a set of commonly used fields, such as name, address and email. First Name and Last Name are required and have already been selected for your form. If you’d like to incorporate any of the “favorites” fields in your registration form, drag the field to the right side of the window under selected. You may also drag and drop under selected to change the order of the field.

Define registration - favorites and field builder

Adding a Custom Field

Now if there are additional pieces of information that you’d like included in your registration form, those can be set up using the Field Builder.

Tap or click on the Field Builder tab.

Define registration - build a custom field

First, select your Field Type. The field types are:

  • Text Field will accept alphanumeric content. Usually no longer that one sentence.
  • Text Paragraph fields will accept alphanumeric content. This should be used for longer, multi-line answers.
  • Dropdown Lists fields allow the users to select from a list of acceptable values. You will be able to define those values. Note: you may want to include a blank default option like “…”
  • Radio Field will allow the user to select one option from several choices shown in the screen. You will set up the different choices.
  • Checkbox Field will allow the user to select more than one option from choices listed on the screen.
  • Email Field will accept properly formatted email addresses.
  • Number Field will accept only numeric values.

Define registration - custom fields

Next, name the field. This will be the label that shows up on the registration form. Check the box if the field is required. You may also save this field definition as a favorite so it can be used again with other events.

Define registration field

Click the Add Field button to add this field to your registration form. It will be displayed under the Selected Fields. You may drag the field to change the order in the list.

The Autofill option allows the field’s entered values to be used by subsequent Attendee/registrants. For example, the next child won’t need to have this field filled out because the previous child already had entered this information. It will save your registrant some time when filling out the form if you turn autofill on for appropriate fields.

This can also be toggled on/off in the Selected Fields list by hitting the eyedropper icon (see below). toggle autofill in the field list