Sub Events

If your event has different sections, classes, sessions or shifts that people will be signing up for, you should define those as sub events.

To define your sub event:

  1. Declare on your Main Event that it has sub events (Contains Sub Events = Yes)
  2. Click on the + Sub Event button.
  3. Enter the Title of the sub event.
  4. Enter a brief description of the event.
  5. Select a category, if applicable.

Define an event - sub events

Next, enter the date and time for this sub event. The date and time will default to the same date and time as your main event. However, if your sub event is for a specific day or time that doesn’t span the entire event, you can enter that here.

To enter a different date or time, click in the field and:

  1. Enter the start date on the left calendar.
  2. Enter the end date on the right side calendar.
  3. Enter the start time on left side underneath the calendar
  4. Enter the end time on the right side underneath the calendar.
  5. Click the APPLY button once you’ve made your selections.

Define an event - sub events set date/time

If the date range spans multiple days/weeks/months, you’ll be prompted to indicate the days of the week that this event takes place.

Define an event - sub events set days of week

Sub Event Tickets

A ticket is what the attendee is purchasing or registering for. A ticket can be free or there can be a cost associated with it. You can have multiple tickets per sub event. For example, a concert could have VIP seating tickets and general admission tickets.

To add tickets to your sub event, click the Add Ticket button.

  1. Enter the name of the ticket. The attendee will see this name during the registration process.
  2. Enter the price of the ticket. Enter 0 if this is a free event
  3. Enter the quantity of tickets available. If you have unlimited availability, set the quantity to 0.

Define an event - add ticket to sub events

For additional ticketing options, click or tap on the More Options button to the right of the ticket quantity field.

  1. Enter the ticket availability date range. When you click in that field, the calendar widget will be displayed. Select the date to begin selling tickets on the left side. Select date to end selling tickets on the right. Click APPLY to make those changes.
  2. Enter the sort order for this ticket in relation to all other tickets for this event.
  3. Enter a description of the ticket and indicate if you’d like the registrant to see this description.
  4. Indicate if there is a maximum number of tickets per order.

Define an event - sub events ticket options

To create another ticket for this sub event, you may click on the Add Ticket button again or you may click on the Clone button to duplicate a ticket.

To delete a ticket, click or tap on the Trash can icon to the right of the quantity field. This cannot be undone!