Event Details

To create an event, click on the Create menu item on the left side menu.

Notice the tabs across the top of the web page. You’ll find Details, Registration, Customize and Launch. You will be anchored on the Details tab.

Define an event

General Information

  1. Enter the title of your event.
  2. Enter a brief description of your event.
  3. Select a category for your event if applicable.

Define an event - general info

Next enter the event’s date and time. Tap or click in the date field:

  1. Enter the start date on the left calendar.
  2. Enter the end date on the right side calendar.
  3. Enter the start time on left side underneath the calendar
  4. Enter the end time on the right side underneath the calendar.
  5. Click the APPLY button once you’ve made your selections.

Define an event - date and time

If the date range spans multiple days/weeks/months, you’ll be prompted to indicate the days of the week that this event takes place.

Define an event - days of week

Next, you’ll need to indicate whether or not this event has sub events. If your event has break out sessions or different shifts or classes that someone can register for, indicate Yes, that your event has sub events. If you indicate yes, you can also mark a box to allow registrations for multiple sub events.

Mark the box to Show Location on Event Page if you’d like the Venue and address to be displayed on the event web page in it’s own box. Enter the Venue Name and Address.

You’re always able to add any text content to the event page head and body, including Location & time information. More on that in the customizing the event page section.

Define an event - location

If you would like to change the label for tickets or add-ons to something else on the registration form, use the More Event Options button.

  1. Enter the label you’d like for tickets.
  2. Enter the label you’d like for add-ons.

Define an event - change ticket label