If you are selling or providing additional items to folks who are signing up for your event, you’ll want to set those items up as Add-ons. To create the add-on, click the Create Add-on button.

  1. Enter the name of the add-on. The attendee will see this option during the registration process.
  2. Enter the price of the add-on.
  3. Enter the quantity of add-ons available. If you have unlimited availability, set the quantity to 0.

Define an event - adding add-ons

For additional add-on options, click or tap on the More Options button to the right of the add-on quantity field.

  1. Enter the add-on availability date range. When you click in that field, the calendar widget will be displayed. Select the date to begin selling add-ons on the left side. Select date to end selling add-ons on the right. Click APPLY to make those changes.
  2. Enter the sort order for this add-on in relation to all other add-ons for this event.
  3. Enter a description of the add-on and indicate if you’d like the registrant to see this description.
  4. Indicate if there is a maximum number of add-ons per order.

Define an event - add-on options

To create another add-on for this event, you may click on the Create Add-on button again or you may click on the Clone button to duplicate an add-on.

Define an event - clone add-ons

To delete an add-on, click or tap on the Trash can icon to the right of the quantity field. This cannot be undone!