Defining an Event

Event Details

To create an event, click on the Create menu item on the left side menu. Notice the tabs across the top of the web page. You’ll find Details, Registration, Customize and Launch. You will be anchored on the Details tab. General Information Enter the title of your event. Enter a brief description of your event. Select a category for your event if applicable. Next enter the event’s date and time. »


Next you’ll want to add tickets if your event does not have sub events. If you have sub events, you should define your tickets for each sub event. A ticket is what the attendee is purchasing or registering for. A ticket can be free or there can be a cost associated with it. You can have multiple tickets per event or sub event. For example, a concert could have VIP seating tickets and general admission tickets. »


Add-ons If you are selling or providing additional items to folks who are signing up for your event, you’ll want to set those items up as Add-ons. To create the add-on, click the Create Add-on button. Enter the name of the add-on. The attendee will see this option during the registration process. Enter the price of the add-on. Enter the quantity of add-ons available. If you have unlimited availability, set the quantity to 0. »

Sub Events

If your event has different sections, classes, sessions or shifts that people will be signing up for, you should define those as sub events. To define your sub event: Declare on your Main Event that it has sub events (Contains Sub Events = Yes) Click on the + Sub Event button. Enter the Title of the sub event. Enter a brief description of the event. Select a category, if applicable. »