Customizing the Event Page

Customizing the Event Web Page

To design the web page for your event, click or tap on the Customize tab at the top of the page. From this section you’ll be able to set the

  • Background of the web page
  • Header for the web page
  • The header text
  • The body of the web page

Background Color

To select a background color for the web page, drop down the Page Background Image field and select Page Background Color. Use the color picker to choose your color.

Setting Event Backgrounds

Background Image

To select a background image for the web page, select Page Background Image in the upper left section. Drag and drop your image or click in the box to select the file.

Setting Event Backgrounds

Header Color

To select a header color, drop down the Header Background Image and select Header Background Color. Click in the field to see a color picker. Choose your color.

Header Image

To select a Header image, drag and drop the file into the box for the Header Image. Or you may click in that box to select a file.

Setting Event Header Image

Header Content

Use the Header Content areas to enter the content you’d like displayed in the header section of the web page. You can simply type in the header content block. Use the formatting icons to change font style, size and color.

Setting Event Header Content

There are also merge tags that can be used in the header (and body) content areas.

Setting Event Merge Tags

Press Save in the teal section bar to save the content you’ve entered.

Your changes are auto-saved every 30 seconds. Changes are also saved when you preview.

Body Content

Use the Body Content section to create the body of your event web page. Type any content you’d like in this section. Use the icons to change the font style, size, color and positioning. Use the picture icon to embed images or youtube videos.

Setting Event Header Content

You may preview the event by clicking on the Preview button on the section bars, or by clicking on the Preview Event Page link at the bottom of the page.

Adding and Adjusting Images

You can upload individual content images (icons, photos etc) to your Event sections by choosing “upload” from the editor toolbar.

Editing Image Styles

Class styles can be added to the image during upload or after (by double clicking the image to bring up the menu). The style class must contain ui and image but may have a “size” or “alignment” or “shape” class added in any order. For example: a left floated (aligned) circular small image could have the class style of ui left floated circular small image.

Available sizes: ui mini image, ui tiny image, ui small image, ui medium image, ui large image

Available alignement classes: ui left floated image, ui right floated image, ui centered image

Available shape classes: ui rounded image, ui circular image