Editing Orders

Editing Order Details

If you need to edit a Completed Order’s Details, you may click on the Edit Details button within the Attendees list (if your Event has per ticket registration). Or you may click on Edit Details from within the buyer area (if your Event does not have per ticket registration). This will allow you to modify the attendee and/or ticket details.

You may resend the order email after these changes are complete if you wish to notify the attendee/recipient of new Tickets registration changes.

Editing order tickets

Editing tickets in a way which changes the order total will be denoted in a “Balance” indicator on the Payment details section. However, this will not resolve any differences in your gateway. Balances and Credits must be handled manually via the gateway.

Re-send Order Emails

You can re-send order receipt emails from the Order Details by clicking the gear icon.

Change Order Options

If the attendee registered with a bad email address, you can also change that by clicking the pencil icon next to their email address.

Change Order Email