Braintree Payment Gateway

Integrating with Braintree payment gateway

In order to use Braintree as your payment gateway for processing credit cards, you will need to sign up with Braintree Payments. You may test things out before getting a full merchant account by signing up for a sandbox account.

Already have a Braintree account?

If you have a Braintree payment gateway account already, proceed below.

How to retrieve your api credentials

My User Menu

  • Scroll Down to the bottom of this page to the section titled API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys
  • Click the View Authorizations

API Keys Section

  • You should see a Table titled API Keys
  • If you don’t see a row already in the table, you may click Generate New API Key to produce a new set of keys.
  • Click the View link under the Private Key Column in the table marked API Keys

API Keys Section

  • After clicking View you should now see a table labeled Client Library Key
  • You can copy your Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID from this table

API Keys Section

Count Me In Integrations Panel

  • You can reach your Braintree Credentials by changing the Gateway dropdown to Braintree
  • If you’re using Sandbox mode, be sure to check that box first as it will change the fields that are visible
  • Paste in your Braintree API keys into their respective fields

API Keys Section