Managing Integrations

Integrating with Roll Call

Integrating with Roll Call If you would like to pull your event registration data into Roll Call, you can do that by synchronizing your events. Before you can do the sync, you will need to generate an API token in Count Me In. Select Integrations from the user menu. Click on the Count Me In API tab. Click on the GENERATE TOKEN button. You will need to copy this string to Roll Call, under the Events> CMI Event Sync menu. »

Braintree Payment Gateway

Integrating with Braintree payment gateway In order to use Braintree as your payment gateway for processing credit cards, you will need to sign up with Braintree Payments. You may test things out before getting a full merchant account by signing up for a sandbox account. Already have a Braintree account? If you have a Braintree payment gateway account already, proceed below. How to retrieve your api credentials Log in to your Braintree Account Navigate the top menu bar to Account > My User Scroll Down to the bottom of this page to the section titled API Keys, Tokenization Keys, Encryption Keys Click the View Authorizations You should see a Table titled API Keys If you don’t see a row already in the table, you may click Generate New API Key to produce a new set of keys. »

Stripe Payment Gateway

Integrating with Stripe To accept payments for your Events using Stripe, you will need to set up a stripe account. Set this up at Once you have your account set up, you’ll need to enter your keys in Count Me In. Go to the user menu. Select Integrations. Choose Stripe as the Gateway. The API keys can be found by clicking API from the menu on the left in your Stripe account. »

Bluefin Payment Gateway

Integrating with Bluefin payment gateway If you have a Bluefin payment gateway account and wish to use it with Count Me In Events, you will need to collect the API Credentials from the PayConex portal. The login information should have been supplied to you directly from Bluefin. To test and perform live transactions, you will need to do the following: Log into the PayConex portal (using your Bluefin login) Click the Settings Tab Click Manage Settings Grab your Account Id and API Key (highlighted in red in the screenshot) and plug them into the appropriate Count Me In Integrations fields »

Change Currency

Changing Currencies for Charges You can change the currency for the attempted charge in Count Me In. Go into your Account User Menu and select the Integrations view Select Stripe or PayPal (or whichever you are using should already be selected) Select your preferred charge currency from the dropdown labeled Currency This setting will take effect immediately. *Bluefin gateway settings do not have this option as any currency settings are handled via the Bluefin processing account. »