Creating Event Widgets

What is a Widget?

An Event Widget is a small block of code that you can paste into your own website that will automatically populate the page with a list of your Events. The Widget can be somewhat customized to show only the Events in a certain Category along with necessary information.

In short, Event widgets allow you to display a list of your published Events on your own website. If people click the Event list item, they will be taken to your Event page.

You don’t have to do anything to update new Events to an embedded Widget. Any new Events that are published that meet the criteria of your Widget (Category) will be displayed automatically when someone visits your page.

Creating Event Widgets

You will need to have a little knowledge of html and access to your web page code in order to paste our widget embed script.

Event Widgets

  1. Click Event Settings on the left sidebar menu (you will be taken to the screen shown above)
  2. Choose the Widgets tab
  3. Click the Add a Widget button

The Widget will be added to your list of available widgets with default values. It would be fully usable like this, but do note, it defaults to having only Events with Default category in the list. This can be changed along with many other settings. Please see the list of available settings in the table below and what each one will provide.

Available Widget Settings

Field Description
Widget Title This field is purely for organizational purposes. It will not be displayed on the embedded widget on your page.
Selected Event Categories Allows you to filter what Events show in your list by selecting one or more Categories.
Showing Limits how many Events will show in your list.
Event Time Details While the Month and Start Day will always show in the list item, this field allows more details of the start time or date/time range.
Sorting by Sorts the Event list by date, date then title, title only or title then date.
Event Descriptions Toggle the showing of the Event descriptions defined when the Event was set up.
Show Tickets Toggle the showing of Tickets (and prices) defined for the Event.
Show Location Toggle the showing of the Location (venue name only) defined for the Event.
Accent Color Choose a color for the Date background.

Definition Pane Preview of Embedded Widget
Creating Event Widgets Event Widgets List

Publishing your widget

When you are satisfied with your widget’s settings, you may take the Embed Code (copy it by clicking on it and pressing CTRL + C on windows or CMD + C on a Mac) and paste it into your own website. This widget will take up the full width of the container in which it is pasted in. You may need to contact your Website Administrator to accomplish this task.

Event Widgets Embed Code

HELP! What if my Event is not showing up in my widget!?

If your Event is not showing in your Embedded Widget, check the following:

  • Is the Event Published (Not a Draft)?
  • Make sure the Event has Display Event in Embeddable Widgets checked under (More Options) in your Event Definition.
    • Note: This option is now on by default. It is also available during Live Events and you do not have to unpublish your Event to modify it.
  • Make sure the Event Category matches a selected Category in your Widget Definition.
  • The Widget may only be showing a certain number of Events which limits what is shown in your list.